NASA will begin to look for technical signals of extraterrestrial origin

NASA announced that it would begin to look for signs of developed forms of extraterrestrial life capable of creating signals and sounds of technical origin.

25 years have passed since the space agency closed the search for intelligence signs in outer space (SETI) and switched to Mars. However, in recent years, astronomers have discovered many planets, potentially suitable for life. This topic is now attracting many researchers and philanthropists, so the future program will support exclusively individuals and companies.

NASA has not published any information about the methods and search methods, as it is even definitely defined with future directions. Last week, proposals for the most promising research options were announced for their subsequent assessment and use.

Some suggest to study the chemical composition of the atmosphere of other people’s planets, thermal or light signals, indicating signs of energy management. Others believe that it will be better to keep track of nuclear explosions, global warming, air pollution and other manifestations of «bad behavior» of aliens. It was even an offer to explore the vibrations of the brightness of stars, around which can create huge structures to absorb energy, but they immediately refused.

Until the Americans seek to find life in space, the Japanese are studying