New threat to humanity: robots learned to manipulate people

Robots and other machines imitate intelligence becomes smarter and more capable. Some experts are worried about the moment when the possibilities of robots will surpass human. However, the researchers discovered that, not even possessing a high level of knowledge, the robots are already able to manipulate people today.

A group of researchers from

For the study of Kramer and its employees asked 89 people to interact with NAO, and then turn off it. The robot is sold on the market, in Russia the price of a robot is about 1 million rubles.

Video dialogue in Russian with a robot from the experiment

In both cases, participants oscillated when the robot said: «No! Please do not turn me off, «some generally refused to turn off NAO. To the question why they do not want to turn off the robot, one of the participants answered: «Because Nao said that he did not want to turn off.» Another member of the experiment noted that he was sorry for a robot.

Those who worked with a more sociable version of NAOs found this decision particularly tense. It’s amazing that people who interact with a robotic and less emotional version of NAO held longer a finger on the switch. It was probably because the sudden manifestation of simulated emotions was somewhat sharp and unexpected. The effort when it is turned off may be displayed attempting the concentration of fear.

Scientists themselves believe that robots are capable of playing our emotions — this is the future of artificial intelligence. Some are even confident that robots will learn to read emotions better than people.

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