Nikolay Evdokimov spoke about the mechanics of assessing the investment attractiveness of the startup

Minister of Information of Decentralized Blockchard Decepturion, Blockchain Expert and Investor

The expert says that

The assessment includes a lot of elements, but all of them are combined into groups. First of all, you should pay attention to the intersection of the audience of tokens owners, and project users:

The next moment is the implementation of the blockchain in the business. This factor reflects how well the blockchain is involved in internal processes. This, in turn, attracts not only novice cryptoinvestors, but also professional, which also affects future success.

However, the most important element, of course, is a token economy, including demand and supply. To analyze the demand, it is necessary to understand how the principle of its extension is functioning, the business itself, what is the market position of this startup and what task he decides. In this case, the study technique is similar to venture. It should be understood that the demand reflects the growth of the database of users, turnover and transfer of a significant amount of cash flow that provides a token economy and funding.

It should be studied the possibility of the production of mixed transactions in which the investor is at the same time is the owner of the token and the share of the project. In this case, you can participate in parallel in cash flow and business income, which can be based not only on tokene, but also on the classical distribution of dividends. A mixed deal can be discussed with a startup directly without equity, if you plan to acquire a serious number of tokens or when entering the project through funds that can get special conditions.

Do not forget about reducing risks. This is first of all EScrow services that open the startup access to funds only as certain results achieve. Foundations can also discuss risks hedging.

Analysis of documentation, marketing campaign,

Do not underestimate direct communication with the project team. Even if there are answers to all interested questions in the documentation, the interaction will determine the involvement of founders and employees.

«Now, in fact, the most golden age will open thanks to the blockchain, which allows you to multiply your funds repeatedly. And everything that I urge you is to spend time and produce this, let’s say my homework on your own. This will make it possible to raise your investments, understand the product, to become a concerned to this new business sector, which in fact, in addition to profit, will bring a lot of additional things. You will become part of the ecosystem, part of the developing market, «,