November 12, Huobi will open a branch in Russia and will start helping startups

One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi announced the opening of the branch in Russia on November 12. The company also plans to launch a Russian-speaking version of the site, support service, startup-accelerator, educational program and mining projects.

The head of the Russian office of the company, Vice-President of Rakib, Andrei Grachev and Huobi Global CEO of Huobi Global, announced this at the Blockchain Life conference in St. Petersburg. To improve the comfort of the user, the local call center will be opened. In cooperation with the system of chambers of commerce and industrial chambers, the company plans to find promising domestic startups and help them in development.

A new office in conjunction with Moscow universities will launch a program of education that will help gain knowledge in the field of assets management, cryptocurrency and blockchain. In parallel, Huobi will take part in the development of mining hotels, the demand for which is now actively growing.

On the plans of global expansion, the company reported even at the beginning of the year. The next step should be the launch of the separation in Dubai, which will also participate in the development of the region.

At the moment, there are no clear terms of the regulation of the cryprot in Russia, but by the end of the year everything can change. Anatoly Aksakov expects that