Now in Lightning Network you can earn

Those who work with Lightning Network nodes will now be able to earn some bitcoins for redirecting transactions.

Lightning Network is one of the ways to scaling the HTC, allowing users to make transfers quickly and cheap. The essence is that the transaction moves between various nodes on the way to the recipient through open channels. In this case, each operator charges fee for the payment of payment.

Due to the fact that now the Commission is only a few satoshi, the total amount is still quite modest and for the month is about $ 2. However, as the popularity is growing, transaction processing will increase, and with it and remuneration.

The developers did not completely refuse fees, as they believe that the system will not be able to work only at the expense of the kindness of people. They will be practically immatched for users, and for the operators it will become an additional incentive and compensation for network support costs. Also, the node can even pay extra participants for its use, if it needs to increase payments in one of the directions.

In order to join the Lightning Network, you must download the entire history of Bitcoin blockchain (about 200 GB of information), and then install special software on top of it. Next, you need to update the payment function, since it is zero by default. However, it is impossible to set a high level to save comfortable conditions for users. Now there are already 3,000 nodes in the network, most of which are not charged.