On Forum.Bits.media forum, malicious code was detected,

The implementation of the code allowed the hackers to access the Forum.Bits.media forum users accounts. Users call on to check the safety of accounts and change passwords.

Today, August 21, it was officially announced the detection of malicious code, which allowed its creators to unauthorized to receive data about the Forum.Bits.media forum users.

At the moment, it is known that thanks to the implementation of the Code, the attackers opened access to user passwords, which, according to the system, were previously kept in the form of haze.

The first accounts were compromised on August 8. Based on this information, all users who entered the site through authorization in their accounting records from 8 to 21 August are in the risk area. Their passwords with a great degree of probability could get into the hands of fraudsters.

All users are highly recommended to change the password as a compressed period (even if they did not use the forum at a given period of time).

Additionally, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the password from the forum account on other resources — in this case it also requires a replacement for creating user account security.

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