On September 7, the EU Finance Ministers will discuss the future cryptocurrency

On September 7, a meeting of finance ministers of 28 countries of the European Union is scheduled in Vienna, during which they will discuss cryptocurrency, the consequences of their influence on the eurozone and the regulatory measures necessary to ensure economic stability.

Potentially, this meeting can have a huge impact on cryptointura, as the ministers will discuss not only development issues, but also the use of virtual currency in the shadow sector to support terrorism and tax evasion. It is also expected that the topics of transparency and the impossibility of identifying the personality will be considered.

Although many states are afraid of cryptocurrency, considering them by Haip, imposed speculators, but Japan, Malta, the British Virgin Islands have another point of view. Also, almost all governments recognized the effectiveness of the technology of blockchain and enormous potential to improve the financial system with its help.

Earlier, the Committee of the European Commission on Economic and Currency Affairs reported that cryptocurrency does not threaten the positions of central banks, so we hope that the discussion will be held in a positive line.

So far, ministers are preparing for discussion, financial information provider