PornHub and Pumapay translate content for adults for cryptocompany

Canadian entertainment web resource Pornhub announced partnership with Pumapay payment system. With it, users will now be able to pay access to the service and content for adults with cryptocurrency.

Pornhub and Pumapay with their unique payout protocol will allow users to automatically pay for their subscription (including Pornhub Premium). As the support of its new partnership, PornHub organized an advertising campaign called «Pornhub and Pumapay Save The World» («Pornhub and Pumapay will save the world»).

In the center of the plot, the allegedly received a threat signal, deciphering which scientists understand that someone (presumably, aliens) requires content for adults. The programmer sends them a reference to Pornhub. A new threat comes in response, the requirements of which are to provide a premium-level access to the resource (it is paid). Otherwise, Anonymous threatens to destroy the Earth. In response, the general explains the team that they can make a quick transfer of funds through Pumapay, which happens. As a result, the threat was eliminated thanks to the new Pornhub payment system.

Representatives of the platform have already created such agreements with VERGE (XVG). Partnership with the project allows customers to pay Pornhub Premium and all purchases through cryptocurrency transfers. Earlier this month, the subsidiary of Pornhub Tube8 announced that in the nearest team plans, the development of a blockchalter platform for users, which would allow you to fully move to work with cryptocurrencies. The VIT coin was chosen as the basis of the work.

Playboy Enterprises also distinguished its attempts to work with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, representatives of the company announced that they would develop an online wallet, which would allow clients to use cryptocurrency for payment of content. However, at the beginning of this month, Playboy filed to the Canadian company Global Blockchain Technologies for the fact that she could not fulfill its obligations.

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