President Venezuela called on citizens to invest in gold and cryptocurrency

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro urged citizens to keep his own funds in the form of gold and national cryptocurrency El Petro to strengthen the financial well-being of the family.

During its television address, the head of state reported workers, which in the near future they will begin to receive surcharges to the main wage in the form of El Petro, instead of Fitat Bolivar. Nicholas Maduro also recommended to legally invest part of the bonuses received in gold and national crypto. According to him, it will help to fight the economic crisis.

On the eve of Venezuelan, the President of Venezuela approved the eL Petro trade in six cryptocheges. He announced that now anyone can convert Bolivars and legitimate virtual currency in Bitcoin (

Earlier, El Petro caused many suspicions and critics, relative to its legality, ensuring and capitalization. Some even called the project

Nicholas Maduro’s statement did not make a surprise for citizens. In August, he promised to add El Petro to the state wage system.

Large changes occurred in the Monero project. After the recent update of the protocol to