Report of Kaspersky Lab: Scams stole $ 2.3 million for the second quarter of 2018

Cybercriminals were able to attract more than $ 2.3 million investments in the second quarter of 2018. These data with the public shared specialists of the Kaspersky Lab

However, the main income, according to Kaspersky Lab specialists, the attackers were still able to get. Fraudsters forced victims to send their coins as an investment in obviously benable ICO.

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The report of Kaspersky also affected the topic of global coverage of phishing attacks. It is noteworthy that the greatest activity in this area was recorded in South America and Asia. Only in Brazil during this period, 15.51% of all phishing attacks were registered. China was divided into the second position with Georgia (14.44%), followed by Kyrgyzstan (13.6%) and Russia (13.27%).

A special role in the work of the Kaspersky Lab specialists is also given to attempts to identify the dangers that cryptous users can lie. Since this question is ahead of ahead (to prevent a threat, protection must be detected before intruders to detect vulnerabilities), users urge to promote the improvement of the overall level of resistance (share their observations).

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