Revival Eve: Scientists recreated the face of a woman whose remains of 13,600 years

The ability to see the appearance of a woman who lived long before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids turned out to be affordable thanks to 3D modeling.

Diver Octavio del Rio discovered the remains of a woman in a flooded cave on the Yucatan Peninsula in the south-east of Mexico in 2001. Nakhodka because of her respectable age immediately died Eva. A researcher from Brazil Citsero Moraes was able to apply 3D technology to allow the world to see how a woman appeared between the ages of 20 to 25.

About 80 percent of her skeleton was restored, which, according to experts, is enough to find out how she looked like. The woman’s life of the woman fell on the era thousands of years before the pyramids were built.

Experts shared with the public with the public that the newest forensic medical technologies allow reliably to recreate the appearance of a person even from an infallible skeleton.

Information about DNA and anthropological analysis were also included in the computerized system to recreate ethnic characteristics. Finding the remains of Eva led to the initiation of additional research on the ground, during which fragments of the skeleton of other people were also discovered. However, subsequent finds were less significant because their age is not as respectable.

According to scientists, the abundance of caves in the region provided perfect accommodation for people in ancient times. It is known that Eve had a broken back, and experts suggested that she either died in a cave, or was transferred there shortly after death. Probably, in anticipation of his death, she adopted an «protective» embryo pose.

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