Ripple doubled XRP sales in the third quarter

Ripple reported that in the third quarter of 2018, sales revenues of XRP cryptocurrencies and software solutions were twice as compared with the previous reporting period.

In published Ripple.

Although the company’s indicators have improved significantly, but they could not exceed the result of the first cartal of the reporting year, following which sales revenue amounted to $ 167 million. However, they are at times better than the same period of 2017, when $ 19.6 million was received from direct sales of XRP and $ 32.6 million from software products.

The report also says that during the reporting period there was a low volatility of a virtual asset course, but at the same time the price increased significantly, which contributed to the involvement of new customers. The company reported on the release of 3 billion XRP, of which 400 million were transferred to new owners.

In the overview sections, Ripple considered some positive trends in the regulation of crypto industry, creating a favorable

An additional confirmation of the fact that institutional investors are increasingly interested in cryptocurrency are the plans of the world’s largest emergency market operator Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the New York Stock Exchange,