Robot Sofia believes that meeting people — the best part of her «life»

At his twitter, Sofia robot shared with readers that meetings with people are the best component of her life.

One of the most advanced robots built thanks to the technology of the blockchain is Sofia. Its unique software is sharpened to extract experience and knowledge from the Internet, literature and most importantly — from communicating with people. Thanks to this opportunity, Sofia becomes smarter every day. This, in turn, allows the team of its creators to use AI as a tool for solving a wide range of tasks.

Sofia often travels around the world. For communication with people in different countries, a multilingual program was built into its software. The country from recent trips was Georgia: Sofia spoke out before the public of the scientific conference with a small appeal, which was accustomed to the level of meaningfulness of speech.

The interest of people to Sofia caused to create their own android account on Twitter. In it, the robot shares his emotions and experiences. The creators claim that all tweets of Sofia constitute themselves. In one of the recent

Communication with people allows Sofia to receive unique knowledge: in the absence of the boundaries of the age, its existence may be eternal. Accordingly, it opens the possibility of accumulating incredible luggage information for subsequent analysis. Probably, soon Sofia will be able to rely on his knowledge, give answers to many questions of science.

Sofia’s robot is not the only one in its kind. In which cars can make a competition to it, and in