Samsung told about four key innovations in Galaxy S10

At an exclusive event for 20 corporate clients, Samsung told about the four unique capabilities of the Galaxy S10 smartphone screen, which marked the new generation of smartphones.

The most important of these is the Technology under PANEL SENSOR (UPS). It allows you to get rid of a separate panel for sensors and front chamber, placing them under the display. Face recognition and fingerprint will also work through AMOLED panel. The complexity of the solution is that it is necessary for shooting not only image sensors, but also lenses focusing incoming photons. The presentation did not explain the technical details, but perhaps Samsung found a way to disable part of the pixels, making them transparent.

Another feature is called Finger-on-Display (FOD). This technology will use ultrasound pulses, not an optical sensor to read the fingerprints of the user and provide access to Galaxy S10. Such a solution increases the safety level, since the waves will actually create a unique three-dimensional map of the surface of the owner’s finger.

The manufacturer will also enable Sound On Display (SOD) technology, which theoretically turns the entire screen in a speaker reproducing sound. Development will allow you to hear a call and music without speakers.

The fourth built-in HAPTICS ON Display (HOD) solution is intended solely for games. Samsung stated that this technology would deceive finger receptors, forcing them to feel physical buttons on the screen. Details of this development were not stipulated, but based on previous solutions, such an effect can be achieved at the expense of local vibrations in separate areas of the surface.

The unique coverage capabilities will be not only in smartphones, but also vehicles. Researchers argue that