Samsung will dress its users with IoT-wardrobe

SAMSUNG specialists presented to the world a new invention — a smart wardrobe, which will independently take care of the state of clothing.

At a press conference in Seoul, Samsung representatives spoke about the possibilities of their invention Air Dresser. Smart wardrobe will fully serve clothing: clean it from dust, ventilated and even dried. Special storage conditions will minimize the risks of damage to which clothing is undergoing due to large dust clusters.

The smart wardrobe will create an efficient circulation of air, as well as control steam streams from the top to its bottom. Thanks to the technology of additional filtering, the problem of an unpleasant smell will remain in the past. Additionally, clothing will be sterilized, as a result of which the microbes and viruses will not be able to survive in conditions of smart wardrobe.

Air Dresser connects to SmartThings, the Samsung Internet of Things platform, which will allow users to choose the best control mode.

The company also launched MY Closet service. It uses the data of brand clothing to offer the best method of care for individual products. Users can scan the barcodes of things whose manufacturers are collaborated with Samsung to find out what fabric clothing is made to choose the cleaning tool and properly store the thing.

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