Scientists have found that the earliest galaxies rotate around the Milky Way

Thanks to astronomers from Durham University, evidence was obtained that some of the oldest galaxies formed after a large explosion to this day rotates around the Milky Way.

Team from the Institute of Computational Cosmology, working with

In the course of the work, a couple of clusters of galaxies were opened. They are united by the fact that each of the finds are more than 13 billion years. According to one of the participants in the scientific group, the discovery is by no means contrary to the theory of evolution, which most scientists adhere to. On the contrary, the Nakhodka confirms it and allows you to significantly expand the possibility of studying the theory of a large explosion, because on the example of galaxies, dark matter has been studied in more detail.

Record Milky Way

The lambda model acts as the basis of the theory. It contains the interpretation of the origin of galaxies. With its help, a comparative material can be created to determine the age characteristics of the universes.

According to scientists, the total age of the universe is 380 thousand years (during this period the first hydrogen atoms have occurred as simple elements). Their compounds that were represented by the halo of dark matter, in the future passed through the cooling process after a large explosion, the period lasted for 100 million years.

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