Sierra Leone Identification System will be transferred to the blockchain

Two UN units collaborate with the Sierra Leone Government to create an affordable and reliable identification system based on the blockchain for all residents of the country.

UNDCF and UNDP concluded an agreement with a non-commercial technological organization Kiva to launch the institutional project «Credit Bureau of the Future». This will allow all Sierra Leone citizens to receive and safely manage their digital identifiers.

Today in the country with the seven millionth population, 80% of residents do not have access to the official identification system. This creates a lot of problems for beginner businessmen in need of attracting third-party capital. Previous fellow government to launch a similar system turned out to be ineffective due to infrastructure problems. The government hopes that the blockchain will help citizens who do not have access to the banking system, receive funds, and lenders to increase the number of customers.

Recently, the French division of the UN International Emergency Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced that the beginning of taking donations to