Singapore Consortium bought the Bithumbucy Control Pack for $ 350 million

The largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange of BITHUMB officially confirmed the sale of 38% of the shares of the Singapore blockchain-consortium for $ 350 million.

BTC Holdings Company, which belonged to 76% of Bithumb, agreed to sell 50% + 1 share of its share in the investment company BK Global Consortium. The announcement says that the overall market value of cryptobyrius was estimated at $ 880 million, and the control package cost $ 350 million to the buyer.

The head of BK Global Kim Büung Gun has previously invested in other projects related to virtual currencies and a blockchain. He founded a platform for ICO in Singapore and organized primary accommodation for a consulting company.

On the eve of this ad also known that Bithumb launched a BTCI cryptoindex based on two components of its indexes: BTMI and BTAI. The first includes all virtual assets traded on the stock exchange, and only Bitcoin is excluded in the second (