Soft-FX software solution for opening cryptochegia in two weeks

The Soft-FX IT company has developed a finished boxing solution for cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers. With this solution consisting of several modules, within two weeks, after providing the client, all requirements can be launched a cryptocurrency exchange from zero.

The IT Soft-FX company specializes in the development of software for Fintech companies: Forex, cryptocurrency brokers, cryptocrium, dealers, banks, investment funds. One of the main products of the company is the Soft-FX Crypto Exchange or Cripotobirus turnkey — a ready-made boxing solution for cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers.

The system consists of several modules, meets safety requirements and performs tasks for the full operation of the Exchange:

This solution can be used both private (using Windows, Web, mobile terminals) and professional and institutional clients (through API and algorithmic trade module).

Important cryptocurrency tools for stock exchange and margin trading are built into the product. You can add your own tokens or tokens released during ICO, including ERC20. Exchange customers can be consumers or liquidity providers due to liquidity aggregation technology.

Liquidity aggregator

Trading platform Tick Trader

Bot-Terminal Tick Trader

Cabinet Customer (BackOffice)

Cryptocurrency payments module

Modules can be supplied as a separate solution with the ability to integrate into an existing software and hardware environment created by both Soft-FX and third-party developers.

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