Sony introduced contactless hardware cryptococheries

The Japanese technical giant Sony announced the creation of a multifunctional contactless hardware wallet for cryptocurrency based on smart card technology IC.

COMPUTER SCIENCE LABORATORIES Research submitted a product for storing bitcoins and another virtual currency, which, unlike other market analogs, does not require physical connection to a computer or smartphone. All information is stored on an IC contactless map, and the transaction confirmation will be performed using mobile devices that support NFC technology.

Sony’s wallet provides more reliable protection against unauthorized access, compared with popular today Trezor One and Ledger Nano S. The manufacturer claims that in addition to the basic storage and translation and translation function, the smart card will allow the use of closed keys to confirm the consent to the use of personal data on or Signatures of transactions on the blockchain.

The press release does not specify approximate terms of the product output to the market. Sony CSL declares that it is interested in commercial advancement of cryptococherrel and global spread of blockchain technology.

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