Space debris offered to remove with a plasma beam

The team of scientists from the Japanese University of Tokhoku proposed a unique plan to combat cosmic garbage, based on pushing it from orbit using a focused plasma beam.

Mankind decades polluted not only the surface of the Earth, but also its orbit. According to estimates of researchers, almost 8.3 tons of space debris, consisting of unsuitable satellites, tools and fragments of ships, has now accumulated. For effective and cheap cleaning, the Japanese offer to send a special satellite in orbit with a Helicon plasma engine. Approaching the major cosmic garbage, the satellite will be able to shoot in it directional ray of energy, pushing into the atmosphere of the Earth in which it will burn.

Of course, the shots of the plasma bundles will push the satellite in the opposite direction to avoid this problem, scientists offer to install the second engine from the reverse side of the housing. It will create the necessary impulse to counteract inertia and stabilization in space.

During tests in the laboratory chamber simulator, imitating the conditions of outer space, they were able to control the satellite as well as hoped. The Japanese did not exactly indicate how long the device will be cleaning, but they say that it will be able to carry out sufficiently long operations. Taking into account the fact that the orbit regularly appears a new garbage, such a decision may be promising.

Hes Energy Systems has also decided to take care of the environment, which began to develop a passenger electric aircraft,