Specialists of the World Economic Forum: AI can destabilize the financial system

Artificial intelligence is not ready to work in the financial industry. Experts of the World Economic Forum came to this conclusion.

Artificial intelligence will change the world of finance over the next decade, automating investments and other industries. However, at the same time, it can also lead to the emergence of systematic weaknesses and risks according to

The material was created on the basis of an interview with dozens of leading financial experts and industry leaders. The reports of the report concluded that artificial intelligence could implement complex finance and control systems. Machine training has also become one of the main topics, since it is with his development in the future, humanity can get rid of the routine work, which robots will be performed.

In other words, financial systems that include machine learning may be an excellent goal for hackers and the epicenter of the system failure.

Wall Street seeks to use all the benefits of machine learning and the possibility of artificial intelligence. Financial firms are interested in innovation, because with their help you can not only increase the income, but also create new faces of work.

Hedge funds and banks hire researchers with such pace that the industry appears a lack of personnel. And few people are worried about the fact that the automation of trade has already created systemic risks, as evidenced by frequent failures in programs.
The incorrect work of programs can be the main security problem. In the event of a failure, the world of finance can incur colossal losses. Summing up the report, the specialists agreed that the level of development of modern AI is not only insufficient to solve serious tasks, but also is dangerous because its mistakes may end up very expensive.

For competent work, AI with money needs specialists. To solve the problems of AI in the financial sector and other areas in Russia created