Tarusing $ 6000 Bitcoin: «For» and «Against»

One of the main issues that cryptotreer worries today is whether Bitcoin will fall below the level of $ 6,000 and there are prerequisites for possible consolidation in Nizakh.

Consider the behavior of the cryptocurrency market and the capitalized coin itself lately:

The last few weeks Bitcoin has experienced difficulties. After attempting to lift from $ 6,000 to $ 8200 by the end of July, a sudden «mini bear» began. Over the next few weeks, the price was again under the strongest pressure, which led to another fall.

The level of $ 6000 is important, because after the rapid growth of Bitcoin in the fall last year, he never fell below this mark. Except as the only case that can be considered as a protracted correction. Probably, this mark will become basic, allowing the price to bounce every time. Today, the marker of $ 6000 is the result similar to October 2017.

The main reason for the uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market is the choice of expectant position from the main regulators: everyone is silent and watching the insignificant moves and their consequences from colleagues. The picture turns out as follows:

Thus, the level of $ 6,000 even against the background of the general negative seems to be extremely strong. The intersection of this border can cause panic and will become a signal to the strongest sales. However, the participants of the cryptoso community will do everything so that this moment does not come.

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