Tesla cars will be more affordable.

The Tesla car can be significantly cheaper: Ilon Mask believes that his team needs 3 years to reduce the cost of the fiscal model for another 10 thousand dollars.

Ilon Mask opened the public plans, according to which the world-famous Tesla cars can soon be more affordable. Today, the most fiscal machine from all available in the line is Model 3. The manufacturer initially positioned the model as a massive-affordable, but the specified price did not allow the plans to be implemented. For the fiscal today, the buyer will pay a minimum of 35 thousand dollars.

Video with an interview with Ilona Mask

The discrepancy between the concepts «acceptable price» and «TESLA car» became a reason for the issue of Ilona mask about the release of a really budget model. After some reflection, the TESLa CEO replied that the company considers the possibility of producing a car whose price will not exceed 25 thousand dollars.

According to the mask, it will take at least 3 years to achieve the goal. It is worth noting that the further development of high-tech areas opens up new cars before manufacturers. Probably, in the future, mechanical engineering with the help of new technologies will significantly reduce production costs.

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