The amateur engineer created an electromagnetic replacement M-16

A resident of Colorado Springs Martin Merr in his garage developed a combat electromagnetic rifle, which the US Army was already interested and ordered the manufacturer of the prototype.

Although externally, weapons resemble the toy, but its work is based on advanced technologies and impressive huge power. Its barrel can shoot at once from 4 holes, each of which sixmillimeter shells come from individual subsidiaries. This allows you to achieve frequency of 250 shots per second. The initial flight rate of the bullets is 1200 m / s. The fire can be given solitary, queue or unique «powerful» shot (simultaneously 4 projectiles), combining the advantages of shotgun and rifle.

According to the developer, the model can be additionally upgraded by changing the structure of the trunk and reducing the mass of the structure. Two innovative solutions are used immediately into its weapons: an electromagnetic trigger and 4 independent barrels at once, which thanks to computer control can shoot simultaneously.

Martin Greer filed a patent application for technology back in 2016, and after receiving it gathered private investments for the manufacture of a prototype for the United States Army, which is now studying it. Total he spent $ 0.5 million of own and attracted funds. Martin believes that his weapons significantly exceeds outdated weapons models used in the army, as they are based on the same principles of work as in Napoleon.

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