The profitability of Mineland MTS decreased to the boundary level

According to a new study by the analytical company DIAR, despite the record high level of income from Mineland Bitcoin in 2018, the profitability of production fell to the maximum low level and only major players with a good reserve of financial strength will be able to receive profit in the near future.

According to DIAR, in the first 9 months of this year, the average price of the CTC exceeded last year’s 40%, thanks to which the Mayniners total earned $ 4.7 billion. However, during this period, the indicators of network complexity, electricity prices and competition increased significantly. Such changes led to a significant decline in profits.

This will threaten the further success of miners with minor computing capacities and gives major companies. Analysts believe that even the Bitmain pools practically do not profit their owners, and the company flourishes at the expense of Antimer ASIC, whose share in 2018 amounted to 95% of gross income. In conclusion, DIAR said that in the near future the market will continue to expand, and the profitability to fall, which can lead to the fact that only major players will continue to work.

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