The threat from North Korea: The criminal organization Lazarus has developed a program for theft of cryptocurrency

Hackers from the Lazarus group continue to terrorize the crypto community: theft of coins is carried out through a troyan infection.

The Lazarus Cybercriste Development Group launched another campaign called Applejeus. Its main purpose is to theft cryptocurrency. Specialists from the Global Group of Research and Analysis of the Kaspersky Lab (Great) found that the group had already managed to show activity, penetrating asian cryptocurrency expanses.

The purpose of the campaign is theft of cryptocurrency using software. In addition to the malicious software based on Windows, researchers were able to identify a previously unknown version oriented on the Mac OS platform.

Mac OS and Windows versions of malware work is equally, but researchers expressed concern that Mac OS users will be less prepared for working with malicious programs. Specialists argue that this development is a «awakening signal» for all who use this operating system for the activities related to cryptocurrent. In their opinion, copies of the malware have been loaded from the company’s website developing cryptocurrency software.

Malicious updates set the Trojan, known as Fallchill, which group Lazarus has already used in the past.

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