Trump is confident in the growth of the US economy, global analysts do not agree with him

According to the majority of analysts, the growth of the US economy is destined to slow down in the coming years, but the Administration of Trump, claims that the country’s economy is on the threshold of active growth.

On Thursday, Larry Kudloou, the main economic adviser to the President of Donald Trump, spoke before the public, assuring everyone that the US economy is in the heyday and is preparing for a real takeoff.

This loud phrase sounded during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, where the adviser spoke at the request of the president. He added his speech: «People may not agree with me, since we are now only at the first stage of the triumph.»

The US economy grew over seven years in a row under President Barack Obama. Today, after the joining Trump, the level remains stable, and even the labor market does not lose their strength. The stock market is also approaching a record high level, which is a sign of confidence in corporate profits.

Economic growth this year has reached a four-year high of 4.1 percent in an annual equivalent as of the last quarter. The increase in jobs also goes somewhat faster than in 2017. The President of the President sees that the economy has the potential for growth at least 3 percent this year.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to find economists who would agree with the approval of Kudloou and his team that the Trump administration can speed up or at least support this growth rate. Analysts in general expect that tax cuts and an additional $ 300 billion public spending will gradually slow down economic growth.

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