US Air Force will begin to deliver cargo using rockets

US Air Force plan to use rockets of private space companies for emergency delivery of goods at any point of the planet for 30 minutes.

At the conference in Dallas, official service representatives reported that they began to discuss the issue of militarization of subborital launch systems with Spacex, Blue Origin and Virgin Orbital. The main argument of the military is high transit speed. The C-5 aircraft used at the moment can deliver 150 tons of cargo to any point of the planet in 10 hours, and the rocket will launch a capsule that will cope with this task for half an hour.

The rocket transit system is planned to be applied only in emergency cases. For example, for the delivery of antidces, replacing damaged equipment, replenish the ammunition and other supply, which can save life or decides the outcome of the mission. At the same time, the development of private companies make it possible to significantly reduce the costs of such missions, practically equalizing them with the cost of using C-5.

According to the US Air Force Commander, General Maryann Miller, the project has not allocated funds at the discussion stage and the Pentagon. The service already has experience with spacecraft. The trajectory of flight of intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are at their disposal, passes over the ISS. The principle of their work is similar, but without nuclear warheads.

However, experts believe that the delivery of goods will be only the first step. As private developments are developed, the military will want to adapt the technology for landing soldiers and other missions.

Until the United States is trying to solve the issue of rapid delivery of goods, it is planning to use space technologies to illuminate cities. Chinese Research Institutes announced that by 2020 replace street lights