US will strengthen trade pressure on poor countries

The White House is trying to withstand not only strong trade rivals, such as the EU and China, but also to poor countries. After the recent cancellation of duty-free exports for Turkey, Donald Trump administration told Thailand, Indonesia and India that they could also lose part of the privileges. In the coming months, additional expansion of this list of countries is expected.

Since 1976, the United States has been operating in the United States to promote poor countries. It provides for duty-free regime for the supply of thousands of goods for 121 states. Last fall, the US Department of Internal Affairs was studying an imbalance in trade relations with 25 countries of Asia and Oceania. This year, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa will begin.

After analyzing trade relations, the ministry revealed that American suppliers face barriers in the markets of Thailand, Indonesia and India, and imported goods from these countries negatively affect the activities of domestic producers. Although the organization did not call for actions, but only pointed out the facts for concern, but the presidential administration decided to use data for the revision of agreements and concessions, calling for a «fair and reasonable» US access to the markets.

Experts note that goods imported under the support program make up less than 1% of the total import volume ($ 19 billion from $ 2.2 trillion). However, for poor countries, the US market is of great importance and is the main direction of export. Therefore, Donald Trump uses a pressure lever that has not been used by decades. The government also justifies its actions with numerous complaints from American business with requests to influence importers.