Yahoo Finance began to trade cryptocompany

The financial information provider Yahoo Finance added the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency with the help of a new service.

The company allowed users to carry out trade operations with Bitcoin, Ether and Lightcoin right on their platform. The crypto community is delighted with such an innovation, calling it an important step towards universal adoption of virtual currencies. Many experts believe that the main factor in the growth rate is precisely the distribution of free access, and not derived tools, such as ETF.

The platform is based on Cryptocompare service. Despite the positive news, some remained unhappy with the fact that Yahoo Finance did not add Ripl, Bitcoin Cash and other coins above Lightcine in the capitalization rating. In their opinion, this reflects the subjectivity of the company’s views on the crypton. However, it is possible that in the future the list of available virtual currencies will expand.

Many governments recognize the growth of the influence of cryptocurrency on the global economy, but do not hurry to legalize them. Although countries suffering from hyperinflation begin to use blockchain to solve the problems of monetary policy, which increases the chance of universal adoption cryptocurrency in the near future.

So far, in Russia, the government also did not determine the status of cryptocurrency, but Cryptuynivers and